Wall Murals

Camp Perry, Port Clinton, OH – 16’x100′


Jerry Antolik, has captured the character of competitive shooting at Camp Perry on a stunning new hand-painted mural at the CMP Marksmanship Center air gun range. The artwork, which spans the entire 100-foot-long south wall of the new airgun range, celebrates the development of today’s young shooters while honoring a century-plus tradition of competitive shooting at Camp Perry.





Rawlins, WY – 12’x16′

Jerry Antolik rawlins mural

Rawlins, WY

Ticaboo Lodge, Ticaboo, UT – 10’x20′

Jerry Antolik ticaboout mural

ticaboout mural

Hudson Town Hall, Hudson, WY – 8’x16′

DCF 1.0

Hudson Town Hall crop

Shoshone First Bank, Cody WY – 3’x45′

Jerry Antolik shoshone L 

Jerry Antolik bank mural

Jerry Antolik shoshone R

Sheridan State Bank, Hudson, WY – 3’x32′

DCF 1.0